RAF Greenham Common was an RAF and US Air Force base south of Newbury & Thatcham in Berkshire. This was once an airfield that operated through World War Two, the Cold War (with USAF Strategic Air Command and B-47s) and later with the US Air Force 501st Tactical Missile Wing with 96 Ground Launched Cruise Missiles (GLCM). Despite protests and controversy, the mission was achieved and the Cold War was won. Greenham Common closed in September 1992 but the base lives on in our memories as a victory for freedom and a validation of a strong defense posture.


Please take time to have a full exploration of the site by the menu at the top and bottom of the page. You will find a wealth and range of material of the base and its history.


This site is dedicated to the history of Greenham & RAF Welford and all those who were there as Airmen, civilians, DoD, Police, local people and more.

This is a relaunch after a long break; some of you knew my old site at Megspace and the Greatnow.com which are now no more. The original website was set up in the summer of 2001. I am keen to know what you think of this site so please send me an email listed at the end of this page. 

It has been a pleasure to have met up with a number of you on visits back to Newbury over the years and I would be glad to see others of you again as time allows. Greenham as it was is now very much gone; what the Soviet Union could not destroy has been torn down by the cunning planners of local government and much of the history with it. This site is a look back for many of you who had some of the best days of your lives here in the small town of Newbury in Southern England....


I will be doing another talk on the history of the base at Eastbury Village Hall on Sept 4th 2019. Message me for more details. 

Greenham Control Tower reopened as a museum and visitor center as of September 2018. A visit is strongly advised: Open Thurs-Fri mornings till 13.30 and all day Saturdays and Sundays.

My book on the full history of Greenham and RAF Welford is available from lulu.com: In Defense of Freedom: A History of RAF Greenham Common.

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