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Contact the Greenham Common Webmaster:

Whether you are a Brit or an American, been in the Air Force, a dependent, Rock Ape, were a civilian cop, DoD or other at Greenham Common or RAF Welford, I'm always glad to hear from you. Do you perhaps have some photographs or other material you could scan and send me to put on this website?

If you are coming back to Britain for a visit to Newbury, let me know as I am not far away. I have had the pleasure of meeting many veterans on return visits as well as their dependents. We are even getting visits to Greenham from some grandchildren of those who were posted here.

Media queries on questions about Greenham Common are also welcome and I will advise as my time allows.

From time to time, I also do presentations about the base and have spoken to Newbury Rotary, Thatcham Historical Society, The University of the Third Age, The Newbury Society and more. Please contact me for further details.

RAF Welford

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