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Greenham Common on Film

I have found a small number of video clips and films that were shot at Greenham Common presented below:

B-58 Hustler Greased Lightning's Record Flight to Greenham Common - Oct 1963:

Some cine footage from the 1976 International Air Tattoo:

1977 International Air Tattoo. Thanks to Doug Conrad:

International Air Tattoo 1983 Part 1:

International Air Tattoo Part 2:

International Air Tattoo 1983 Part 3:

SR-71 Display at Greenham IAT 1983

TV EYE ITV documentary on GLCM at Greenham Common:

C-141 Starlifter lands at Greenham Common 1989:

501st Tactical Missile Wing Vehicle Parade at Greenham Common circa 1990:

Greenham Common; The Other Side of the Fence (documentary 1994) Part 1:

Greenham Common, The Other Side of The Fence Part 2 (1994)

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